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The Massena Arts and Theater Association, Inc., (“MATA”) is a 501c(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of a historically significant venue where theatrical, film, and cultural events are presented year-round to foster a deeper appreciation for performing arts in the greater Massena area.

Until its permanent shut-down in 1995, the Theatre played a pivotal role in drawing people to the downtown area (“Downtown”). Despite several changes in ownership, the Theatre has remained sadly empty for over twenty years; its marquee no longer lighting up Main Street. As an “anchor” building, the Theatre’s restoration is crucial for the planned revitalization of Downtown.

The Theatre will function not only as a movie theater, but also as a venue that offers small theatrical productions, musical performances, lectures, and other cultural events. A vibrant theater will serve as a catalyst for the creation of new cafés, restaurants, and shops in the downtown area, further attracting people from in and around Massena to Downtown.

Construction Finished Under Ownership of V.A. Warren
September, 1926
Ownership Transferred to the Wein-Helmsley Partnership
September 2nd, 1974
Purchased by J.S. Cinemas - Owned by Jeffrey Szot
January 1st, 1995
Sold at the Public Auction by St. Lawrence County to Thomas Gramuglia
May, 2015
The Massena Arts and Theater Association currently working on grant opportunities to get the theater into operating mode
Dec, 2018
Asbestos removal started
Novermber, 1918
Leased by Schine Enterprises
August, 1960
Theater Purchased by Walijoe Theaters, Inc.
December 8th, 1988
Acquired by St. Lawrence County for Unpaid Taxes
April 4th, 1995
Purchased by the Massena Arts and Theater Association
June, 2017
MATA is Awarded $300,000 grant for Asbestos abatement through NYS Main Street Grant
December 2019

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